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© 2015 Thomas Wargin
Statement / Biography

The work in its entirety represents who I am, my interests, abilities and what lies beneath my sub-conscious mind.  My goal is to engage the viewer and stimulate the mind as well as their visual senses.  I want the viewer to go to a place that they can only dream of or hope to be part of. I sometimes am intrigued with childhood stories and interpret these stories in a fashion that captures my viewer and stirs them into a new way of looking at the story.
   The technique I use to create my work is a blend of old and new practices.  I begin with sketches, which evolve into clay or carved 3- dimensional forms.  Using various molding techniques, resin models are created, which are then hand packed into flasks with casting sand, ready for the casting process.  In my foundry, I melt aluminum and bronze and watch as the molten metal burns new life into the molds.  After cooling, parts are assembled for rough fit and positioning. Meticulously, I either weld or drill, tap and screw every component together to check for form, fit, and overall composition.  Some pieces are disassembled again to be taken through phases of polishing or sandblasting.  I complete the desired finish through high polish buffing or patination.  Some of my art adds a diverse mixture of materials both raw and man made such as: various woods, stone, glass, or even original drawings.  With the combination of these materials my goal is to compliment not compete in the composition and make it more inviting. These types of processes and materials allow me and my work to be spontaneous.  It also assures each piece to be an original.  
    My goal is to create a unique art form that shares a seamless integration between the world around me and the human spirit.  All the work is the growth of my interests, skills and imagination.  I personally accomplish every task in the creation of my work.   I feel it harnesses the energy and creativity of my soul.